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My name is Sila. I am the Head Coach and founder of SK Personal Training. After going through my own fitness journey I have felt what you may feel now - lost, unsure how to get to your goal and confused. I want to use my knowledge, experience and voice to help you through the struggles I went through myself within 1-1 Coaching.

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Our Services

  • I will teach you the basic of Nutrition through an uncomplicated approach so you will gain insight and knowledge for long-term results.

  • Specific calories and macros for your goal of weight loss or weight gain.

  • Weekly check in Photos and Measurements that only I can see.

  • Activity goal to be completed each week. 

  • Tailored program built for you with coaching in real-time.

  • Mobility assessment and virtual mobility coaching based on your individual needs.


  • Lifestyle and recovery management.


  • 1:1 consultation to help you build a plan and answer any queries about the programme.

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